I know you’re an Australian dude with a beauty spot kinda like Marilyn Monroes, but really, I seen better public speakers. Yes, everyone should be a ‘Citizen of the World’. Obvs we should all unite in struggle. But now is the age of liquid modernity, and you are no longer who I want to be watching speak about how ‘if we all do our bit, with one love we can make revolvelution’

Today I helped some friends move out and discovered a miniture timewarp, to back when the Man Burned to the tune of EVOLUTION. Seven years ago, and we still have heaven as a halfpiped dream that lulls children into fairyland caves inside the mountain where they banquet on forbidden fruit until they die.

Admit one homo sapiens to Burning Man 2009 - image shows the branches of a tree becoming the brain of a man while its roots are still in primeval soup

let’s do the timewarp again!

A is for anxiety about precarity for oneself and for the world. Anxiety to Action is a hard and fraught path, and white men don’t make the best motivational speakers for the majority world. bel hooks, alice walker, laverne, #oitnb, Helen in the #archers on the @BBC – these are my gods of hypermodernity. And Nat King Cole and Scott Joplin and the great Bisexual Jazz greats obvs. Oh and Euripides and Shakespeare. They were ok. But Caliban and the Witch were the best.

one love